Angel of Mercy - T - Primrose

Title: Angel of Mercy [or was it Death, I'll never tell]
Fandom: Hunger Games
Character: Primrose
Rating: T+
Summary: I'll bring you mercy in these trying times. I'll be your angel... your Angel of Death.
Written for: mysticandsevere in The Girl on Fire Ficaton
Prompt: victor!prim returning home - [mommy's] little girl is a fucking monster
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the series.
I"ll bring you mercy in these trying times. I"ll be your angel... your Angel of Death.Collapse )

Freedom... - T - Citizens of the Capitol

Title: Freedom never meant what they thought it did.
Fandom: Hunger Games
Character: Citizens of the Capitol
Rating: T+
Summary: The only ones free are the Districts.
Written for: liliaeth in The Girl on Fire Ficaton
Prompt: Finnick - outsiderpov, "President Snow used to sell me, my body that is."
What is it like to live in the Capitol, and hear Finnick say those words. Either from one of his admirers, former 'lovers' or just someone from the Capitol watching the rebels take over the airwaves.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the series.
Freedom never meant what they thought it did...Collapse )

wow its been a while

Well life is hmmm... chaotic at best I guess. Not sure when I will even have any time to write a drabble or two, or browse through other livejournals and leave comments on fics ^.^. Oh well at least college is slowly passing and winter break will almost be here ^^ . On second thought this also means that finals are right around the corner -.- .


My newest addiction is AeriaGames' 12Sky2: .

The game is divided into 3 factions, and you choose which one to play in the begining. There is no real difference [other than appearance] between the three, and once you choose your faction you will have the option to fight against the other two in wars [such as the lvl wars which start at lvl 10, and the Holy/Yang wars which are generally fought by those who are at least lvl 90]. In addition to the three main factions, there will eventually be a fourth faction available only to those who reach master status [master lvl 1 = lvl 113].
Ohhh looky, its so very shiny...Collapse )


Default pictures T.T

Well I am currently trying to get my default pic back, after I noticed some random icon had appeared...I still have no clue where it came from but for some reason the icon I had before does not want to come back -_-. And the icon that replaced it was of a cat and a confusing animated background that watching made me dizzy. Oh well, think I will keep this icon as my default for the time being. ^^

<----is tired and should probably go to bed, so this post may not make a lot of sense.

Random Thought (& current stresses)

Well I am still in college and am now racking up debt (in the form of school loans, of course). But that doesn't mean that I don't plan on saving my extra money (from the loans T.T) to buy myself something. In particular, I am looking at buying a netbook, which while I have a working PC, I see myself needing a laptop when I enter into grad school. Of course, grad school is still a few years away, so I am waiting on my plans to dive in and purchase a laptop.
Procrastination, at the end of the day, will leave me with more work than what I started with.Collapse )

Rambling of the Moment

Make of this post what you will, as my intention is just to jot down some thoughts and conveniently ignore a paper I should be witting.
Procrastination, at the end of the day, will leave me with more work than what I started with.Collapse )



Well I must say that my room-mates (or is that apartment mates?) seem to be well suited for me. We all just kinda stick to our own rooms and occasionally catch each other in the kitchen to talk. The only problem we all seem to have is that we don't know each other well enough to pick up silent conversational cues... which is sorta amusing as we trip over each other as we try to have conversations. I just hope that the peace lasts through-out the year(s?).


3am -_-

So tonight is my first night in the new apartment... and at 3am the building had to evacuate. The reason of course, was that someone had thought it funny to trip a fire alarm -_-. I hope that a real fire never occurs here, cause the fire station did not respond quickly (we would have all been fried long before they got to us).



So I'm moving tomorrow and I'm still not ready -_-. I am almost done packing... well at everything but the computer, which will be packed at the last minute... addicted? me?. But the big chore of the day won't be the packing, but rather the cleanup. Wood floors, old house and tons of dust. I need to move the furniture (which will be staying) and clean under it, and then take out trash and more trash. Overall the next couple of days are going to be rather busy.

And classes are just around the corner T_T. I don't even have my books yet, as I plan on picking them up Monday (the day before my classes actually start). Oh well, it has been my experience (so far at least) that most teachers don't actually require students to use the books. Constant exception has been math teacher's, who actually require you to solve problems from the books.


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